SAFETek strives to take a leading role in the Data Technology industry both now and in years to come.

SAFETek’s business model leverages advanced technologies to provide services for individuals and companies that require high performing computational power.

Advances in data technology are overwhelming many organizations with more than they can handle. The potential involved in A.I. and machine learning are more than most organizations are currently prepared for. 2D images have been replaced with 3D images. Digital images have been replaced with data loaded images stored with not only an image but facial recognition capacity, time, date, location, weather and several other micro data elements.

The rising demand and exponential value of data technology creates a massive and untapped emerging market, and SAFETek is positioning itself and it's clientele in front of that market. Our strategic collaborations and growth initiatives leverage the most innovative computational hardware and A.I. software in our Data Centers, offering fast, reliable, and cost effective processing to meet the high demand tasks of our clients. 

As we look to the future, the need for computational power will grow and SAFETek will be there to help people grow with it.

SAFETek seeks to be a Leading Provider of Distributed Processing.

The goal and vision of SAFETek is to be a leading provider of data technology and processing capacity while creating a profitable and flourishing business. As a wholly owned subsidiary of a publicly traded company, it is also our goal to create profits and earnings for Investview shareholders. (OTCQB:INVU)

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