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SAFETek focuses on increasing your productivity level. We take care of maintenance and upgrades so you can focus on research output and applications.

SAFETek is forging into the High Performance Computing (HPC) industry in a completely new fashion. With APEX, SAFETek will deploy HPC operations that can be used in a multitude of ways. From weather modeling to genome mapping, CGI Rendering, 3D gaming, protein folding, mining and more. High Performance Computing has always been about world scale problem solving. SAFETek will give you the power to take your HPC requirements and jump past the old on-premises data processing limitations. SAFETek will help you eliminate job queue times and allow you to scale your HPC computing clusters as large as needed in order to greatly reduce the time to market or publication.

SAFETek High Processing Computing services provide you the leading edge speed you need at an affordable price.

To remain competitive and bring first to market solutions to reality, you will need best of breed computing capability. The challenges of high speed computing capabilities are cost and maintenance. SAFETek provides you the processing services you need - creating cost savings while increasing productivity. Now that's an offer you can't ignore!

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