SAFETek is designed to deploy large scale processing operations.

SAFETek’s processing operations can be used for any of the following intense processing activities: protein folding, CGI rendering, game streaming, machine & deep learning, Blockchain, data mining, independent financial verification, and general high-speed computing. Key trending markets for Data Computation include: Internet of Things, Smart Homes, smart cities, smart devices, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, Virtual Reality, 3D animation, and health technology data to name a few.

With our advanced technologies, SAFETek is uniquely positioned to have the ability to capitalize on multiple categories, allowing us to take advantage of the revolving Technology Industry.

SAFETek LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview Inc. (OTCQB:INVU), a public company.

Investview Inc. has established a portfolio of wholly owned subsidiaries that deliver leading edge technologies, tools, education, research and equipment to change the world. As technologies evolve and there is a further integration of machine to human process, Investview seeks to deliver innovative methods and products to enable participation for all in the fourth industrial revolution.

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